Use Special Tools For Car Maintenance

In the United States, car repair is basically an essential skill for American families, and most minor problems can be solved by themselves. But some drivers, especially female drivers, don’t even understand the basic function buttons in the car!Today we will popularize the special tools for car repair and see how many do you know?

1.Spark Plug Socket

It is a special tool for manual disassembly and assembly of spark plugs. When in use, spark plug sleeves with different heights and radial dimensions are selected according to the assembly position of the spark plug and the size of the hexagon of the spark plug.

spark plug socket

2.Oil Filter Removal Tool

There are special and general types, which are specially used to remove the oil filter

Oil Filter Removal Tool

3.Shock Spring Compressor

Shock Spring Compressor

It is used when changing the shock absorber, the spring is clamped at both ends, and then retracted inward

4.Oxygen Sensor Removal Tool

Oxygen Sensor Removal Tool

A special tool that looks like a spark plug socket, with a long slot on the side.

5.Ball Head Extractor

Ball Head Extractor

Special tool for dismantling automotive ball joints.



Round workpieces such as pulleys, gears, and bearings can be disassembled from automobiles.

7.Disc Brake Slave Cylinder Adjuster

It is used to press the brake piston of various models, press back the brake piston, adjust the brake pump, and replace the brake pads. It is convenient and simple to operate.

8.Valve Spring Handling Pliers

Valve Spring Handling Pliers

The valve spring remover is used to install and remove the valve spring. When in use, retract the jaws to the minimum position, insert under the valve spring seat, and then rotate the handle. Press the left palm forward firmly so that the jaws are close to the spring seat. After installing and removing the valve lock (pin) piece, turn the valve spring loading and unloading handle in the opposite direction, and take out the loading and unloading pliers.

9.Piston ring handling pliers

Piston ring handling pliers

Piston ring loading and unloading pliers are used for loading and unloading engine piston rings to prevent piston rings from being disassembled due to uneven force. When in use, clamp the piston ring loading and unloading pliers to the opening of the piston ring, hold the handle lightly, slowly shrink, and the piston ring will slowly open, and put the piston ring into or remove it from the piston ring groove.

10.Car Jack

Used to jack up the body. Car jacks include pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks, and hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used

11.Engine Engine Crane

Engine Engine Crane

This machine will become your capable, safe and reliable assistant when you need to lift a car engine or a larger heavy object



Also known as a lift, a car lift is a car maintenance equipment used for lifting in the car maintenance industry. No matter whether the vehicle is overhauled or minor repairs, it is inseparable from it. Lifts are divided according to function and shape: single post, double post, four post, scissors.

And more special tools we should be know later.